Maxcam Co.


Based in Highgate, North London, we provide full shooting facilities for broadcast and corporate productions. Crewing is flexible and based on shooting requirements. We employ experienced, creative and receptive freelance technicians ensuring clients achieve high quality rushes after good shoots. Our relatively low overhead costs also ensure competitive rates.



A standard shooting package comprises:-

Ford Galaxy 5-seater crew vehicle

HD broadcast-cameras available include Sony 500/300, Canon C300 and similar and include Chroziel matte-box/filters, Canon standard/wide-angle zoom lenses, IDX lithium batteries/charger/power supply, location monitor, Sachtler 18/25 fluid head/tripod, hi-hat, rolling-spider. An inexpensive Nikon D800/TVLogic 058W/Tascam R60 kit is available for interviews and pieces to camera.

Lighting kits are flexible and selected from:- Bowens 455 daylight/tungsten balanced dimmable tube softlights, 300w Mizars, Redheads, Totalights/Chimera soft-box, all with stands, cables, gels etc.

Sound kits are generally specified/supplied by the recordists using them and include the normal range of mixer, microphones and radio mics.

Popular additional items include: Quadra lightweight mini-jib, Lastolite portable blue/green screens and Motorola transceivers.


Clients include:-

Corporate Video / BT; Barclays Bank; Caribiner - Toyota; Creation - British Airways; Brainstorm - Microsoft/ Hewlett Packard; JB Communications - Nestles, Fosters, Estee Lauder, Unilever; Kasumi - ICL/Fujitsu; Radical Departures - AstraZenaca; Reachout - Halifax; Straker Films - NHS, CFBT, Rio Tinto; Now Watch It! - British Aerospace, Lucas, Smiths Industries, Raytheon; Shell UK; Yellow Door - Vertex, B&Q; Wheeltrack - Volkswagen

Broadcast Television / Granada, Attaboy-Carlton, Imago-Anglia, Diverse-Ch 4, ZKK-Ch 5, Planet 24-BBC 1-Ch 4, BBC, BBC Open University, Seven Productions-Australia


Production frames and stills

For bookings and enquires contact: 0044 (0)7966 436973 /

or Linkline: 0044 (0)208 426 2200 /