Now Watch It!/Raytheon Systems: "The video was played to the whole conference yesterday to show how well the company is performing in the UK. It was a fantastic piece of work which everyone was incredibably impressed with . . ."

Barclays Bank: "Thanks for doing such a great job on Monday (the footage looks great), I enjoyed working with you".

Brainstorm/PCI/Microsoft: "At last - here are both videos for you! I think they've come out pretty well and PCI/Microsoft are happy . . Thanks again."

Choregus/Sainsbury: " Many thanks for everything on the Sainsbury's job. The clients loved it - not one single change to the off-line!"

Holly Benson/RAC: "Here's a copy of the video - client was really pleased with finished production."

Allan King/Chanel: " It was great to have total trust in the technical side . . I can highly recommend Max for any professional broadcast work, having worked with him on a number of projects for the last ten years."

Kasumi/ICL: "Many, many thanks for doing this at such short notice."

Blueline/Bhs: "Having looked at the rushes we have been able to produce a 'whole show' from just your camera - we are impressed (incredibly)."

McKenzie Myers/Automotive: "The video was a big success! Cheers."

Rapier Design/Renault: " . . thank you for all your help with the Renault conference and for making it a huge success. The client was very pleased and we could not have done it without you. We really appreciate all the effort you and the crew put in."

Kerry Richardson/Gardeners World: "I'm still using your shots from the last series for the 'Xmas specials' - the backlit ducks at Upton Grey are still my favourite!

Imago/Anglia: "Thank you once again for your involvement. I hope that you enjoyed working with us on the series . . enjoy the programmes."

Attaboy/Carlton: " . . thank you so much for all your hard work on this project. It was a pleasure to work with you and to know from day one that I could rely upon you."

Innovision/Interbrew: " . . thank you for all your hard work on the Interbrew World Management Convention. It was not the easiest of events and we are extremely grateful for your flexibility and good will throughout."

Reach Out/Micro Focus : " . . today we showed the offline edit to the client. This is the first time in my illustrious career that a production has been approved with not one change. Well done . ."

(Director/leading communications company): "You made him look great - pity about what he was talking about!"


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